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Search & Build lists by college, degree, summer programs, Gap Year


Compare side-by-side, up-to-date, carefully curated,

crowd-sourced and verified data

Export lists, summary reports and essay prompts via Google Drive or our popular Student Portal

Tailor the Application Tracker, per college, per app requirement.


Customize, set deadlines, schedule broadcasts, price packages, hours or package hours

Parents in the loop, students on task. Export college lists, or share via our popular Student Portal and unmatched Google drive integration

Advance date and Automate routine Assignments, inquiry responses, invoicing, reminders

Plan for growth, customize, schedule broadcasts, price packages, hours or package hours. Know when your time equates your price


Assign students to counselors, re-assign, move students through office specialists with ease

Deliver equity of services. Unite around your organizational routines or allow employees to create routines

Show/hide, customized branding, accounting and billing settings per counselor or per your organization.

Make decisive business decisions with detailed reporting across your company

We're Here for You Every Step of the Way

In-App Support 

Our highly trained support team is always just a click away, whether you're building lists, collaborating with clients or managing your practice. 

Video Guide

Clear, concise tutorials help you capitalize on the features that make CounselMore the best college counseling software available.

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