3 Things an Educational Consultant Needs to Communicate

  • 1) How to schedule an appointment.

  • Let clients know specifically how to schedule a meeting. For recurring clients, consider booking out the student's appointments for the semester, on the same day/time. The CounselMore Business Development Academy advises a per grade meeting pattern. The time between appointments decreases as the grade level increases.
  • 2) Define everyone's role from the beginning.

  • Clearly state which meetings will be designated 'student only' or 'parent only' or if anyone can attend as they choose. The CounselMore Business Development Academy advises that nervous parents are calmed by knowing a future parent-meeting date is on the calendar and are less likely to attend student meetings or send spurious inquiries between meetings.

  • 3) How to ask questions.

  • Avoid spurious client phone calls, text and email messages, by setting clear expectations about business hours and the preferred channel for communications. The CounselMore Business Development Academy advises that instructions like, "Let me know if you have questions" is better communicated "Reach me by text, between 3pm and 7pm for quick questions and I will respond. Outside of those hours, an email is preferred. Questions that require nuanced answers we will save for discussion in our scheduled meetings."