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CounselMore and Tali Nesher of U-College

The next Frances Ford or Sofia Coppola is sitting somewhere right now wishing they had someone who could give them feedback on their Film School portfolio, but until now there were few people to turn to. Tali Nesher of U-College is launching a new service offering portfolio reviews for students applying to Film School. College Counselors can refer their clients to Tali if they are looking for a partner with a trained set of eyes who has years of experience in the business.

Where else can you get access to a graduate of NYU Film who has worked in the TV business as a producer, literary agent, and camera director on popular sitcoms through the years?

Counseling students was the farthest thing from her mind until it was time for her own daughter to apply to college. Tali decided to go through UCLA’s College Counseling certification program just for her own knowledge and even then didn’t plan to become a college counselor. She fell in love with helping students identify their goals and supporting them, just as she did as an agent.

Her natural talents and background have brought her to this place. Now she can give back to the community that has allowed her to follow her passions in the entertainment industry and pay it forward by mentoring students who are on a similar pathway. If anyone knows how to make a Film Student look good in the right market, it’s Tali Nesher. “Life is tough. We learn to deal with it through movies, TV, dialogue… people’s stories show us glimpses of humanity we may have never been exposed to before,” says Tali. As a member of the Director’s Guild of America who loves student films, Tali Nesher’s new service is sure to turn the spotlight on tomorrow’s stars.

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