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The Importance of Learning From an Expert

Here at CounselMore we have built the relationships with experts and mentors that will save you the trial and error at your student's expense. There are moments in your practice when you need to lean on someone who knows more than you, to lead and illuminate the path forward. These people act as mentors and they offer learning that you can't get from any book. Mentors that are experts in specific fields can allow you to broaden your professional network, get advice, and gain a deeper understanding of the nuance that only comes with experience. Join us for the 2022 Business Development Academy starting April 6th. Space is limited!

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Provide Knowledge

Educational counselors will chuckle inside at so many question they are asked because the true answer to every question in college counseling is: “It depends.” There are the rules, guidelines and ethics that govern interactions from a general perspective. Experts are able to provide personal knowledge and experience that goes into the details and exceptions to every rule. With experience comes a long list of professional colleagues. Even experts have a rolodex of who they call when they need to think through an issue. Networking isn’t about getting your next job. It's about building relationships in respect for each other’s knowledge. Having a person to call when nuance is the only framework available in a situation is key to career persistence.



Whether you are scale your practice or your client list overflows, building a network of trusted colleagues is critical to your success and the success of your students.

Have a list of people you trust in different areas of college counseling for an easily accessible, go-to referral. When your list is full, show your leadership by confidently making a direct referral.

Engage your industry leaders and learn from their expertise on topics from 'How to set my prices' and 'This is not pure altruism. Doing what you do for you.' to 'How to evaluate your business', 'Higher education for LGBTQ+ people', 'Scale without breaking a sweat.' and many more.


Real Life Experiences

Experts are not only knowledgeable within a specific field, they also have been within their industry for some time and they have real world experience.

Real world experience comes with real world mistakes which they have had to survive. Yes, you will make mistakes too, but learn from the experience of your industry leaders and you will be in a better position to serve your students today.


Be the Expert

At CounselMore we encourage all educational consultants to grow into experts for their students and to hold the door open for their newer colleagues. Maintain accountability and make sure that your students are headed off to college with the knowledge, network, advice, and experience they need. Do not be afraid to grow your professional network! The more experts you can meet the more mentors you will gain.