College Counseling Workshops

Launch and operate an Educational Consulting Business with confidence.

Join our information series focused on the hard and soft skills necessary within the entrepreneurial business climate of today’s college counseling.

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1 hour

how to stay small
in an abundant market

The risk of growing too quickly is real. Taking new business because it's there can lead to more work and less profit.

Learning Outcomes

Avoid pitfalls of unintentional growth.

Dismiss shoppers and begin choosing your clients

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1 hour

Saving money with
startup costs

The difference between startup costs and the cost of doing business.

Learning Outcomes

Reduce your startup costs.

Plan for future expenses.

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1 hour

looking for clients

Understand the #1 reason why an IEC is not hired.

Learning Outcomes

Understand how to boost your brand

in a competitive market.

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(many include videos)