College Counseling Workshops

Launch and operate an Educational Consulting Business with confidence.

Join our information series focused on the hard and soft skills necessary within the entrepreneurial business climate of today’s college counseling.

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how to stay small
in an abundant market

The risk of growing too quickly is real. Taking new business because it's there can lead to more work and less profit.

Learning Outcomes

Avoid pitfalls of unintentional growth.

Dismiss shoppers and begin choosing your clients


1 hour

Saving money with
startup costs

The difference between startup costs and the cost of doing business.

Learning Outcomes

Reduce your startup costs.

Plan for future expenses.

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1 hour

looking for clients

Understand the #1 reason why an IEC is not hired.

Learning Outcomes

Understand how to boost your brand

in a competitive market.

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(many include videos)

About the Presenters:


Margaret Rothe, M.A. Higher Education Student Affairs

Margaret started her career in university student affairs. She earned her MA in Higher Education Student Affairs from the University of Connecticut, directing her knowledge into campus leadership, policy and practice.


Ten years ago she began her college consulting company HigherGrounding, which soon became a counselor collective, All College Pros.


While building her own business she launched a research project to codify the college counseling common processes. This became a much larger endeavor, and inevitably defined her present mission: CounselMore, a premiere college counseling software solution and professional management tool, built specifically for her colleagues.


Betsy Pruitt, M.A. Education

Betsy's unique background of educational leadership, college and career counseling, classroom teaching and district-level academic and technology coaching combined with raising four children poised her to create a unique education consulting business.  Earning her Masters Degree in Education allowed her to explore multiple facets of education and eventually led her to launch her own business as an independent college and career counselor.

Through Education Navigation, Betsy partners with families of high school students to create a vision of success and a roadmap to ensure students have the skills and knowledge they need to be successful on their journey. 


During her quest to ensure she was using the best tools to support students, Betsy found CounselMore College Counseling Software.  After recognizing how CounselMore’s software helped streamline her business and allowed her to easily support more students, she wanted a way to put it into more College Counselors hands, so she joined the team and now serves as CounselMore’s Director of Growth and Marketing.