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CollegeList Pro

Balanced Lists in Minutes.

Not Hours.

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Search by Accredited Degrees

Search by degree or category, then click within results to see majors offered at each school.

Refine Results

Narrow results with filters for selectivity, location, campus population, sports, test options and more.

Work YOUR Way

Categorize, save and search your favorite schools based on Your Tags and Your College Notes!  

Or jump start your search process using our membership Starter Lists, including Direct Entry Nursing, Rock Climbing, Ornithology and more.

You can also search summer programs and Gap Year Association programs!

Compare Results

Our intuitive interface allows you to identify matches quickly and easily and then move your top picks to the Counselor List with just one click.

Take a Closer Look

You can dig deeper into each of your chosen data points and evaluate potential schools before sharing with your student.


Detailed Application Tracker

You choose how per school Application Requirements are displayed, status communicated and when you consider complete. Use our benchmarks or create your own—you can easily tailor the Application Tracker to suit your taskmaster style.

Export Essay Prompts

New CollegeList Pro School Ranking

Test, home-school, deferral, audition policies and prompts at your fingertips from others just like you. Know when your colleague last updated a data point, shorten your list building by engaging a true network of support toward your and your student's success.

Customize for Each Client

Display your uncomplicated point-of-view. Choose which columns you want your student to see, and let the data tell the story. Set your column order defaults. Evaluate probability in your own words.

Showcase your expertise by Student Portal, or exporting  via Excel or an easy-to-understand PDF.

Offer Hands-On Access

Students can log in to their Student Portal to view your recommended College List, rate schools and ask you questions. All in one college counseling software.

Chat by specific school, add specific web links per school, allow students to add their own school suggestions. Narrow their College List fast.


Focus on Your Favorite Data Points

When it comes to data, we've got the big picture covered--each of our categories contains between 10 and 100+ data points.


But you're the expert when it comes to your practice. 

Individually select the information you want to compare. Customize what is displayed per Counselor List, Student List and in the Application Tracker.


You can even set up your defaults and still adapt for each student!

"Building college lists was time consuming! There are so many colleges and so much information. CLP made it easy to find schools I didn't know and save notes for each school. I love not having to spend hours building college lists.  Thanks!"

- Cydel, IEC and Coach

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  • Auto-send meeting summaries.

  • Auto-send invoices.

  • Auto-send task lists.

  • Broadcast messages to groups.