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Pull from a routine of pre-written client-ready student character preparation tasks

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  • The complete college readiness process delivered to you in client-ready assignments.
  • Transcript preparation, letters of recommendation, academic resume, financing, self assessments, writing and more.
  • Student tasks, parent educational articles, general broadcasts.
  • Corresponding informational graphics download free.

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The Blueprints to college counseling are a series of assignments following what independent educational consultants commonly call a comprehensive college planning package. These Blueprints are college readiness tools to guide the educational transition from an American high school to domestic higher education. Researched, developed and prepared for you.

The college readiness process usually happens from Junior year to Senior year of high school. Some of these readiness assignments can be used for an earlier start in the lower grades. If you are just beginning to build a practice, create streamlining for a busy practice or start an institutional program from scratch - this is more than a jump start, this is the Go button.

This detailed collection of assignments is offered by CounselMore Business Development Academy through their extensive research projects. Expressly developed for use in your CounselMore software platform, any member of CounselMore may purchase these assignments and begin using them immediately with any student, beginning anywhere in the process and edited to any counselor’s style.

Assignments include an education for the parent, a simplified student task and an estimated time to completion, in the only college counseling software with a 72% student portal engagement rate.

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quit redundancy and implement routine

  • Access to documented best practices for incoming practitioners

  • Streamlining and defining current service delivery processes

  • Established accountability standards across counselors and student relationships

  • Tighten-up service delivery efficiency, improving task vs time, management

  • Elevate student preparedness with consistent milestones of discovery and accomplishment

  • Noticeable increased parent satisfaction, lower incoming current customer call-in volume with timely communications

  • Reduce counselor note taking and summary iterations

  • Provide client service equity, offering consistent measurements of service satisfaction to capitalize on word-of-mouth marketing

  • Spend time perfecting your own assignments or spend time branding these, one way moves you forward faster.

  • One-time cost, auto-loaded into your Routine Assignments Bank, fully editable, receive automatic updates annually, only available to CounselMore members

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Student portal vs Counselor portal

All portals are designed the same. Putting everyone on the same page is something every advisor does. The CounselMore design reinforces that process understanding throughout the dynamic practice by delivering pragmatic simplicity, focused on driving the process forward. Each time you share your screen, you are presenting the ease of use and lowering student anxiety. Right away, your student will say "This isn't Naviance!"

view within the counselor's portal

This is a sample of one of the assignments as it appears in the Counselor's portal.

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view within the Student's Portal

Assignment as it appears in a Student/Parent Portal

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Immediately upon purchase, Assignments will appear in your account.

  • Each Counselor instruction includes a demonstration video.
  • Sign up for the corresponding live training or peer-group training sessions that are essential to the software tools most associated with Blueprints.
  • Types of assignments: Student/Parent calls to action include portal user help. Counselor assignments dedicated to administrative practices, student assignments dedicated to readiness and parent assignments related to process overview.
  • Each assignment audience is indicated; parent, student or counselor.

There is no one-way to deliver college readiness services. Everything is editable.

  • Never before has the roadmap to college readiness been this accessible. You may choose to change the assignment audience from student/parent to only parent or vice versa.
  • Not all assignments may be pertinent to your current services, yet. You may choose to use some assignments to build a lower grade college readiness process.
  • The order of delivery is easily manipulated. You may choose to break one assignment into multiple assignments or use portions again with Broadcast messages.
  • There are no per student fees within CounselMore software. Use Blueprints with all your students. Scale your services to grow your business.
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