Educational Consultants
Business Development Series


Preparing you for the business of College Counseling.


Who should attend this business development lecture series?

Anyone who is :

  • Considering a career in College Planning.

  • Thinking about going independent.

  • Already taking on too many clients.

  • Looking for more process automation.​


Plot and expedite your own professional roadmap with the vantage point and experience of proven mentors.





  • Long practicing industry leaders will demonstrate a spectrum of critical issues they experience most in their college counseling practice.

  • Mentor collaboration, 24+ hours of instruction, PDF resources.




  • 'Bite-size' presentations accompanied by PDFs of take away points.

  • Thoughtful and contemplative learning, where good ideas can continue to grow.

  • PDF worksheets provide deliberative self-study. Requests for faculty feedback encouraged.






 To provoke concrete decision making that results in service format changes, reduced friction and increased business satisfaction for attendees.


Learn concrete service models that

  • Deliver excellent services.

  • Provide effortless client management.

  • Put your independence first.

Answer questions, make decisions, move your operations forward. Understand expeditious business development planning tools. Structure and streamline your educational entrepreneurship venture.



Margaret Rothe

Margaret holds an MA in Higher Education Student Affairs from UCONN.

Founder and CEO of CounselMore, Co-Founder of her multi


counselor practice All College Pros and sole proprietor of Higher Grounding College Counseling.

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Lee Norwood

Lee holds a BS in Business Administration and Management from Elon

As an expert in the admissions field her advice helps to


maximize student  success.

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Coleen Krumweide

Colleen is the Co-Founder of Quatromoney, a college finance planning fintech.

Through Quatromoney she is helping

Krumwiede BSW Headshots Thurs-181.JPG

counselors increase revenue opportunities, provide more marketing touchpoints, and augment community engagement

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Keerthana Sankar

Keerthana earned her MS in Information Systems from Santa Clara University.

As Chief Data Officer and Co-Founder at CounselMore she wrangles the sea of


college data.

She is also the architect of the college search tool within CounselMore.

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Aldo Barrientos

Aldo has a BS in Computer Science from San Jose state in the heart of Silicon Valley.

As the Product Adoption Supervisor



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Marge Cortez

Marge holds her MS form MIT.

Partners with schools and community organizations to offer specialized college admissions


programming. Particular focus on women in engineering and STEM, and on highlighting and helping address access and retention factors.

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Kat Clowes

Kat holds an MBA from Mount Saint Mary's

Founder of March Consulting, Kat's multi counselor practice equips students with the right questions to


ask in planning their future.

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Dr. Thomas Lucking

Thomas holds a Ph.D. from California Institute of Integral Studies.

Creativity, motivation, and problem-solving skills are fundamental


to all areas of my work. I believe innovation emerges and comes to fruition through energetic collaboration and motivated teams.

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Katherine Stievater

Katherine holds her BA from Georgetown.

Katherine founded Gap Year Solutions because she believes that so many high school and college students


can benefit from taking a step off the traditional path, and become more self-reliant and confident through Real World Learning.

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Pam Shor

Pam holds a BS from Kenyon College and her cert from UCI.

I love colleges and I love working with students. I've mentored students


who've gone on to Ivy League Universities and students who've discovered their voice at less well-known, but still awesome, institutions. Helping each student find just the right fit is at the heart of what I do.

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Louise Trudeau

Louise holds an MBA from Northwestern and certs from Harvard and UCB.

Louise specializing in the essays and activities writing


process for admission to undergraduate and graduate studies, coaching students how to tell their stories truthfully and dynamically, and how to write well. Focus on empowering students to build strategic presentation and writing skills to carry through college and beyond.

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Amanda Hirko

Amanda holds an MA from U of Michigan, Ann Arbor and her cert from UCSD.

As a former high school teacher and writing tutor, Amanda is able to combine her


professional writing and editing skills with her education and experience as a college consultant.

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Partial Curriculum

An Occupational Title in a Modern Industry.

The title, price and services we choose for our occupation and company will define how our services are perceived and discovered. Scaffolding your product delivery and pricing of services begins with clarifying goals from dollar signs to career bests..

The Teen Brain: Cognitive and Behavioral

Understanding the competing motivations of the teen mind while attempting to navigate a myriad of choices or lack of opportunities.

Guiding Students Through High School to College Transition; Readiness, Planning, Applications and Enrollment.

Each student is unique, the college planning process is not. The standardized phases of the comprehensive package simplified.

It's Not All Altruism : Doing What You Do For You!

Owning your own business or side-hustle can define you or you can define it. Don't just run your professional education planning business... own it.

Growing Your Practice : Scaling Up To Take On More Students or maintain personalized services

Define your company roadmap. Grow a practice through a menu of products or construct your referral network to stay small.

Gap Year: Never Mind If They're Not Ready. . . Are You?

Not every student is going to college yet. Modern consultants must remain open to all possible pathways to self actualization. Advisors must be careful not to predetermine pathways but to offer a professional network of possibilities.


Most independent educational consultants are not licensed financial advisors (nor do they pretend to be) but college costs can not be avoided. Advise holistically with respect to personal affairs while offering resources to enable discovery.

PayPal: How To Receive Payments

Harness easy off-the-shelf technology tools to streamline repetition, increase payment convenience for customers and level up your web savvy.

Analyzing Your Business: The Questions To Ask Your Data

Knowing where the majority of clients originate can effortlessly decide which volunteer presentations achieve the highest ROI. Don't forget what SRI buys too.

Canadian vs US Applications

Higher education in another country close to home in the native language sounds like an adventure. Education styles, application and graduation requirements are all very different. Assisting a Canadian applicant is a new layer of expertise.

Legal Considerations For Your Small Business

Errors and omissions, liability insurance, contracts and guarantees, are all checked off the need-to-know list.

The College Essay

Proven methods to move the student from blank page to authentic statement. Organizing several essays and managing recycled writing.

And more!



$367 includes

  • 24+ hours of instruction, Pdf resources and mentor collaboration.

  • 15+ sessions, 90-minutes each, once per week, over 8-10 weeks.

  • Each purposeful session is driven to present operational challenges and the experienced consultant's response in context of the complicated art and science of educational consulting.