Educational Services Conference Season
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Recharge your college planning enterprise with one of five prizes!
Independent educational consultants of any phase or niche will benefit from any one of these Independent educational consulting professional development prizes.


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Expand on your college counseling leadership skills and technology knowledge.


Independent educational services are on the rise, get out in front of the wave.

5 prizes choose from:

1. SEO evaluation by a web master  $900 value

2. Executive coaching session $350  value

3. Business development coaching session $450 value

4. Free use of CounselMore $425  value

5. Grand prize: the Blueprints to College Counseling comprehensive assignments package  $850 value

Each entry has one chance to win one of five prizes. No winner is eligible to win more than one prize. Prizes have a collective value of $4000. Entries must be submitted Prior to midnight on December 1st, 2021

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