GuidedPath Transition

Like GuidedPath, CounselMore was designed BY college advisors FOR college advisors.


When an Advisor is asking, “What should I do?”, they are usually leaning on a colleague for guidance.

That’s the tradition CounselMore was built on. That’s the platform Cyndy built for our industry. From HECA to GuidedPath, she spotted ways we could collaborate and celebrate the work we do. As you consider your new home we want you to know you are among friends, and we will support you in your transition. Right now, you need good information to make informed choices. Read on and then reach out.

Your colleagues at CounselMore have been thinking about you, and we hope you’ll lean on us.

Thanks for considering CounselMore.  Here are the facts:


The same best practices reflected in GuidedPath are reflected in CounselMore.

GuidedPath Transition

  • One-to-one & group training

  • Free client support

  • Free data transfer

  • Calendar integration

  • 'What are my chances' college matching

  • Assessments

  • Fiske, Prompt, and all your other resources in the Customizable Menu

  • Supportive community of colleagues

  • The most up to date college data available

  • Student transition support

  • Complete set of College Readiness tasks

  • 20 Students $49/mo

  • Unlimited Students $69/mo

This will be easier than you think.

Keep all your integrations (Prompt, YouScience, CollegeBoard, ACT, etc.)

With our commitment to community, you'll feel right at home with our staff.

Each of us learned how to use CounselMore. We enjoy it and are ready to teach you.

Your historical client data will travel with you to your new home. You'll be happily surprised by the college search, App Tracker, automation features and free resources.

After you are settled in, you'll try out CounselMore's peripheral services and join our professional development workshops with familiar faces.

In transition there is no end, only opportunity to keep going.

Industry Leading College Search

Cut list building time to under an hour.

Instantly compare across a multitude of columns.

Export directly to Google Drive.

Search majors, sports, greek life, cars on campus, admissions ranges, test scores, financial aid potential and more, the options are unlimited.

Market and Build Your Brand

Market and build your brand.

Increase your SEO.

Send cutting edge content.

Manage your diverse services in one place.

Easily View or Automate Assignments

Incorporate your signature process or use Comprehensive Assignments.

Pre-date and automate when new assignments are sent.

See outstanding assignments for one student or all students.

Custom College App Tracker

Customize milestones for every step in the application process.

Track status and engage students in the process.


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