The way we envision the world impacts everything we do.  As a young girl, Keerthana Sankar was passionate about creating anything her imagination could conjure up.  Building cars with K'Nex soon led to seeking out hands-on projects using materials she found around the house and quickly bloomed into excelling on the high school robotics team. It was there that she learned to use software and design to create the things that had been coming to life in her mind.

This perspective led her to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering at Purdue University, where she excelled in a male-dominated Major.

Keerthana never looked at herself as a "female Civil Engineering student." She approached her education with the knowledge that she was just as capable as anyone else- male or female- and sought to be part of the whole and not differentiate herself.


Her ability to put things together in her mind and turn them into reality led to international experience in civil engineering design and construction management.  During this time, she learned to rely more heavily on data to help guide decisions and decided to earn her Master's Degree in Information Systems.  


Keerthana's journey led her home to CounselMore. She serves as the Chief Data Officer of the popular Ed Tech software company used by hundreds of College Counselors. Keerthana said, "Having started when I did, I was able to obtain a 360-degree view of all aspects of the business from early on.  I helped create the processes and data points and develop the application, so I know how everything aligns within the business structure and the development schedule."


She is excited that CounselMore has created a modern product loaded with exclusive features which truly provide a solution for college counselors to support and grow their business. "All of our dev work and efforts have truly created something unique and useful. The consistently positive feedback from our customers keeps the fire lit for me to keep pushing for more ways to support our counselors so they can support their students," said Keerthana.


Her teammate, Adam Davies, stated, "She is quiet, but don't let that fool you! She is always working on big plans and will surprise you with amazing features that seem to materialize out of nowhere." It all goes back to her ability to put the pieces together and make something other people didn't see.


Keerthana is looking forward to the world getting back to normal so she can do more dancing with friends, and continue to study Indian Folk Dance.  She loves to hike, paint, and build things while her vision creates a new era in college counseling through CounselMore.