Easy integration into your existing process.

Members report their participation in the training program

gave them a level of operational confidence in as little as 6 weeks.


Maximize your 14 day free trial with a 40 minute live demonstration of the Single Counselor platform 


Get to know our mission in

3 minutes. Or stick around to learn more in a

13 minute video.


Explore the capabilities with your free trial. Click the in-app Explore button for a self-guided tour.


Members begin choosing personalization options with a Tech Mentor. New to Google drive?

Learn as you go.

Members conveniently reserve training sessions and access support from

directly within the application.

Account Customization

Student Portal

Routine Assignments


From inception we knew that learning software sounds like no fun! Flattening the learning curve was forefront in our minds as we designed CounselMore. Following the guidance of User Experience (UX) Experts like Carol Righi, Don Norman and Heidi Adkisson CounselMore has the intelligent and streamlined User Interface (UI) you won't find anywhere else.


Compare us with others by counting the clicks it takes to create a new student or switching between students. Enjoy consistently placed navigation buttons and color coded functionality. The Student and Parent Portals are comprised of a subset of components used in the Counselor Portal. A technical way of saying you will only need to learn one interface.


You are no longer your student’s tech support. Our friendly nonjudgemental Tech Support Team is here for you AND your students.