CollegePlannerPro vs GuidedPath

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As a college counselor you will carefully select a software to support and manage your workload. In this article we compare the best college planning software.

CollegePlannerPro vs GuidedPath vs CounselMore

CollegePlannerPro and GuidedPath and CounselMore offer many of the same set of features. They are similar with some critical differences you should be aware of as you evaluate.

Core Features of CollegePlannerPro vs GuidedPath vs CounselMore

College Counselors comparing CollegePlannerPro vs GuidedPath vs CounselMore will find each offers student management (CRM), college lists, scheduling, task management and general business management. The key differences are highlighted below.

Time Tracking

Time tracking is critical for any college counselor. CounselMore provides a simple timer that automatically converts time into an accounting entry as well as the ability to track and assess pro bono time, track payments and customize your invoices.

Additionally, while CollegePlannerPro offers invoicing, CounselMore will automate your invoicing so you will never forget.

CounselMore also offers Acuity integration. If a prospective client books time with you, they are aut

omatically inserted into your CounselMore account as a Prospect. If an existing client books time with you, the meeting is automatically entered in their Student Record.

College Search and College Lists

This is where CounselMore shines and CollegePlannerPro falls far short. The CounselMore College Search offers all the search criteria the others offer and additionally offers things like: Greek life, nearest airport, religious affiliation and more.

CounselMore gives you both Family-Ready graphic rich views and easy to compare spreadsheet style views for quick comparisons. The Family-Ready view can be printed or exported to pdf for easy delivery.

CounselMore is unique in its crowd-sourcing of data. College Counselors share the latest college data with the CounselMore community, saving you countless hours.

In addition, CounselMore offers search and list building for Teen Life's Summer Programs and Gap Year Association's Accredited Gap Year Programs.

CollegePlannerPro offers a list builder with basic IPEDS data. They have no college search, summer program search or gap year program search.

GuidedPath has a college search but the data in CounselMore is freshest.

Messaging and Communications

Timely and comprehensive communications with students and families is one of the greatest factors in every college counseling business.

CollegePlannerPro and GuidedPath and CounselMore all have a central message hub for text and email.

CounselMore's Broadcasting Station will schedule your announcements and newsletters so you can broadcast to students and parents according to your agenda.

Plans and Pricing for CollegePlannerPro vs GuidedPath vs CounselMore

Fortunately, the subscription plans vary between these college counseling softwares. College Planner Pro offers six tiers, GuidedPath offers five, CounselMore offers two and is decidedly more affordable. All prices below are 'monthly' plans.

CounselMore has plans for 20 students ($49) and unlimited students ($69).

CollegePlannerPro has plans for 10 ($44), 20 ($59), 30 ($74), 40 ($89), 50 ($104) and unlimited ($141) students.

GuidedPath has plans for 2 ($30), 15 ($55), 40 ($85), 100($135), 500 ($280) students.

You can see that CounselMore is more affordable whether you're just starting out or managing growth.

CollegePlannerPro vs GuidedPath vs CounselMore Testimonials

CollegePlannerPro is the oldest of the three. For years it was the only option. Take a look at their reviews on Facebook. As of March 1, 2020, all the reviews are from 2017, with a few from 2018.

From the GuidedPath testimonials we found it's clear their users enjoy "The GuidedPath Process" developed by founder Cyndy McDonald. As well we have found numerous mentions of the Surveys which provide college counselors with solid insight into their students.

CounselMore testimonials cite its ease of use. Converts from other college counseling software tell us they learned CounselMore in a fraction of the time.

Most notably, CounselMore's Student Portal is deceptively simple. Counselors with students who have used other Student Portals tell us that after just a few hours, the choice is clear. The CouselMore Student Portal reinforces the simplicity and reduced stress they base their business on.

Why Choose CounselMore

It's no surprise that ease-of-use and features are the pivotal factors.

Independent Educational Consultants cite CounselMore's College Search & List Builder as the industry leader. CounselMore has more up-to-date college data than any college search engine on the market.

Automation is another area where there is no comparison. Never miss a deadline or forget to update a student.

The simplest ease-of-use test is 'create a student'. Count the clicks and the number of screens you have to navigate. This difference in ease-of-use is consistently reflected throughout CounselMore.

Simplify your practice. Counsel with Confidence. CounselMore.