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Combines CollegeList Pro with Every Tool You Need to Manage Your Practice

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Make It Your Own

ProSuite supports your own proven process. Got benchmarks? Use them to create assignments, then apply them to any student with a single click.

Stay Organized

Find the workflow that works for you! ProSuite keeps your meeting summaries, client notes, tasks and files in order so nothing falls through the cracks.

Manage Student Portal

Share assignments and files via ProSuite's enhanced Student Portal, customized to match your practice. Your branding is front and center!

Customize Student View

Ensure a quality experience for each client by previewing what the student sees before sharing. You have full control over how assignments are displayed.

Automate Communications


Keep students, parents and yourself on track with timely, relevant information during every step of the search and application process.

Automate Billing

Stay focused on your students, not on their bills. ProSuite allows you to invoice and track payments—and you can track time by package or by hour. 

Integrate Google Drive

Optional but magical. Set up folders and files to automatically copy to a new student's folder. You own the folder, so you determine sharing. 

Broadcast Emails

Schedule important emails for broadcast throughout the season or annually, and build your brand by sending informative newsletters to your clients.

 "Tying Google Drive to your app was brilliant; I am so much more organized. Also, once I understood how to utilize the "to do" list for each student, I was thrilled not having to reinvent each communication for topics I walk through with every student. Very nice!"

—Terri, College Counselor