How durable is your college counseling business?

Join us to answer this question and more.

From professional development to small business IEC fundamentals, interviews with marketing, sales and legal experts, colleague spotlights, closer examinations of our industry, market climate and of course, admissions.


One Liners

Thrs. July 9 2020,

10 A.M. PST

As business owners who are selling expert advice we are expected to have the answers to all our clients' questions; especially when the topic has to do with your company/your business.

There are company policies to think through before you are asked. Preferring to let the chips fall can create more than an awkward moment. What HOT questions do parents/new clients ask most often, and how do we, as a business owners and advisors, answer those without locking our businesses into unintended precedents.

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BIG Essay Ideas

Tues. June 9 2020,

10 A.M. PST

Prompt dynamic discussions and interactive brainstorming that make students’ essays truly unique and compelling.

Interested in helping your students write Bold, Insightful, Genuine, (BIG) Essays?


Join us to learn about BIG ESSAY IDEAS, a unique essay, brainstorming tool developed by independent college counselors and their high school students.

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Re-think the

IEC Business Model

Thurs. May 28 2020,

10 A.M. PST

Grow services, support students during

test prep and course work without becoming a tutor.

IECs are a comforting source of calm and informed news to families. However, we can safely assume families will be cautious hiring consultants. Counselors who offer a more complete comprehensive package may be more favorable in the market.


Learn from 2 experts in business and educational services.

Stone and Charlson will introduce Marble Arch's

"Just 5 Minutes a Day"  test prep strategy


What Will the

Future Look Like?

May 21 2020, 10 A.M. PST

The current pandemic and its impact on HECA & the college admissions world.

What the future looks like going forward. This is why having HECA membership is so valuable for the ease of connection with ED, having an industry compass in a time like this, knowing our collective response...

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Current Economics of Paying for College

May 6 2020, 10 A.M. PST

The Winners & Losers

In this webinar, we will review the paying for college winners and losers of the $2 trillion CARES Act based on stimulus checks, student loan borrower provisions, and emergency student aid. Plus, we will review the changes in the student loan interest rates, and we'll talk about how these conditions will affect a family's ability to pay.


How to Conduct an Essay Workshop from a Distance

In this engaging, fast-paced webinar, Susan Knoppow, CEO of Wow Writing Workshop, will explore issues at the heart of our new reality: How can we engage remotely with our students? Should they write about Covid-19, or is that too cliche already? What might an online college essay boot camp look like?


Susan will share her insights, answer your questions, and help us all feel more at ease as we navigate an uncertain application season.