Our Mission :

Bring colleagues an easy-to-use and superlative, esoteric tool built on crucial data continuously updated with shared, counselor information while honoring the individual’s process and ultimately providing each counselor more time to counsel more students; hence the name, CounselMore.

Margaret Rothe  Our visionary.  Having started her career in university student affairs as a young adult, she found her calling. After earning her MA in Higher Education Student Affairs she directed her knowledge into campus leadership positions, mapping campus policy, standardizing procedures and mandating student advocacy within each.


She began transitioning into private counseling practice ten years ago with her company HigherGrounding, charting the best practices of her colleagues and mentors. This became a much larger research project, and inevitably turned into CounselMore


Todd Rothe


Bringing over 20 years of software development experience to the field of College Counseling. Only through transparency will we demystify the admissions process and level the playing field.


Keerthana Sankar

Chief Data Officer

Creating College Data solutions to break open the black box of College Admissions. Keerthana coordinates data strategies, ensuring you have the latest College Data at your fingertips. We have Keerthana to thank for our industry leading College Search & List Builder.


Mo Mobley

Instructional Designer

A practicing IEC, Mo brings her high-energy and infectious enthusiasm to bear on your professional development, training Members in all the tools you need to streamline your business and counsel more.


Melissa Spurgeon

Operations Manager

The IEC-in-training that keeps all of us here at CounselMore on track. Results oriented with a track record of leading all aspects of CounselMore operations.


Chris Kantor

Customer Relationships


The _best! Adam Photo .jpg

Adam Davies

Advisor and Support Specialist


Smiling Woman

Jane Rosser

Marketing and Support Specialist



Christine Sandoval

Support Specialist



Lucy Tan

Application Development Specialist


CounselMore is focused on you, the College Counselor. Spending more time with your students is the only way to grow your business. Spending less time with software will make the difference.


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