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Proud Finalist, 2022 Ed Tech Awards !

The EdTech Awards recognize people in and around education for outstanding contributions in transforming education through technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere. Featuring edtech’s best and brightest, the annual recognition program shines a spotlight on cool tools, inspiring leaders, and innovative trendsetters.


We empower college counselors who provide guidance on transcripts, college applications, gap year or extracurriculars to serve more students effectively in less time.

Our goal is to ignite an evolution in college readiness by breaking open the black box on college admissions. Our proprietary college search engine and character collaborative assignments, are constructed on a premiere software technology platform, built by actual college counselors and education technology experts who dug deep into the best practices of college planning to achieve the goal we all aspire to, counsel more students without diluting services or exhausting the counselor.

If you advise secondary education students in educational services or college preparation we built this tool expressly for you.

Three founders,

Margaret is a college counselor and higher education professional. Todd is an applications development manager who specializes in lean startups. Keerthana is a full stack developer who started as a data architect. Together they dreamed of a technology solution that reflected the organic process of educational advising, with unencumbered access to the critical data all educators need. Focused on the area of secondary education most often overlooked, the student's exit plan.


“Enthusiasm is contagious, stand closer to me.” Margaret Rothe, Founder

A Masters degree and a career in higher education student affairs that covers a wide area of contributions to campus policy and culture. Having been part of the original national shaping of live/learn on-campus communities, crossing bridges between staff and faculty, teaching First Year Experience courses to college freshmen, weighing out admissions against enrollment goals, even serving as campus public safety when needed, has given her a unique perspective on what college readiness means.

Taking her experience into a successful private college counseling practice was easy, except for the technology and few standardizations to follow. Every industry has a routine that one experienced mentor could teach to another but not college advising, that is an art and a science. A project was started to document the core practices of college advising services and how to systematize that flow, which became a daisy chain of college advisors contributing to the ultimate capability to counsel more students without exhausting the counselor. The first thing on the list was how to shorten the college list building process! watch video

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“software can do anything but what do you want it to do?" Todd Rothe, Founder

Prone to picking up on ideas, turning them over and over, expanding on them until the balloon bursts, makes for an excellent startup applications developer and product manager. After growing up in Silicon Valley and returning after college to build his career, Todd has always been looking for operational problems to solve. The magic of technology and the empowerment it can deliver to any situation has always inspired Todd’s imagination. The philosophy and computer science major has the uncanny ability to stand in the center of chaos and distill it to a simple if/then statement.

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“A challenge is always on my to do list.”   Keerthana Sankar, Founder

Purdue engineering didn’t know that the quiet woman who earned straight As but rarely asked questions was on her way to the top of her class. Equally surprised was Keerthana’s graduate school advisor when she announced she’d finished her thesis, was graduating early and had kicked off an education technology startup.

The truth is in the details and that is what is most often overlooked. When we embrace a problem for the experience of it, instead of just solving it, we gather deeper knowledge that we aren’t aware of until we find it in our problem solving toolbox later. Every question in college counseling seems to be answered with “it depends” and to Keerthana that sounds like an invitation to ask more questions.

"Paying it forward is worthwhile, our impact is evident." Madeline Schroeder, Business & Legal Affairs

The community that has grown up around CounselMore is strong. This is evidenced in community roundtables, collaboration lab, and events, crowdsourced college information. This is a powerful industry because IECs possess deep esoteric knowledge about an elusive topic. Harnessing that knowledge through the CounselMore sharing platform is very special for many reasons.


"Let's break this down into smaller pieces." Aldo Barrientos, Customer Experience Director

Aldo has a BS in Computer Science and Applied Math from San Jose State University in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. Technology moves fast and even faster in start ups, where Aldo’s problem solving skills feel most at-home. Specializing in human computer interaction, he uses behavioral science, analytics, anecdotes, process dismantlement, and careful listening to build seamless technology solutions.

Knowing how to use something is one thing but it is the experience that provides value. We started and still do today, with the counselor's day-to-day process and detailed observations of the experience of each task. Why a task has to be done is less important than how. By asking enough questions we can recreate a function in technology that follows an organic experience, that anticipates the desired outcome.

"We are focused on details but there is a bigger mission we use as our North star." Amy Silletto, Operations Executive

Most of the members we get to know are independent small business owners who really enjoy their work. Anything we do to smooth that road has a direct impact on those we serve - that's rewarding! Our members are eager to jump in and help, which is always a welcomed surprise! Truly a great place to work!

  • nancy

"Data is to be protected, especially stats about our young people..." NANCY GUIDO, INFORMATION SYSTEMS & SECURITY

College information can be a basket of chaos and noise. Data is to be protected, especially stats about our young peoples' thoughts, opinions, social leanings, grades, scores, or even the courses they've taken. Other college information companies buy, sell, trade their customers' information. Here we do not! The fact that we draw a bold line on protecting our customers' and their customers' data, is something I am very proud of!

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