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Manage any application process while addressing the complexities of college counseling - all in one carefully constructed interface.


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To fix something, you have to understand it. CounselMore began with research, studying the best-practices across hundreds of professional advisors. We identified shared challenges and responded with a shared vision of modern independent educational consulting. If you are advising students in today's admissions landscape, you need tools that are built to meet the same demands.

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College List Building

The simple stand-alone College Research, List Build and Export tool is the partner to every college counseling practice. 3000+ schools, 300+ attributes to compare. Just the right size for programs specifically focused on college shopping and selection.

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Application Management

All-in-one to get the job done! Looking for a fresh start organizing your practice or the innovation to run a complicated process with ease. Two levels of Single Counselor plans drive your delivery of services with progress overview all along the way.

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Multi Counselors

Manage More Than Students

The Multi Counselor platform is your mission control. ​Assign permission levels across staff roles. Move students between advisors. ​Standardize the delivery of services. Create DIY parent programs, college list products. Turn your orchestra into a symphony.

Unlimited Students

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CounselMore Software
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Knowledge is best exchanged

Collaboration shouldn't stop at your software.

Vital to your practice of college counseling and college planning is a network of colleagues. CounselMore recognizes the value of learning from each other and has created a platform where experience and solutions converge.

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robust and so useful when developing a college list.

This one-of-a-kind platform that is filled with features and that will adapt to your needs. The college search tool and information on colleges is robust and so useful when developing a college list.

I love the ease of use of the system and its capability to save custom lists of colleges by category.

-Claudine Vainrub, EduPlan


CounselMore saved the day!

I rely on CounselMore's college search capabilities to build lists for my students. The filters are fantastic - I can narrow by GPA, location, major, tuition and even Greek life - whatever criteria matters for my students.

Although I had worked in admissions before launching my business, I was less familiar with list building, and CounselMore saved the day!"

-Kate Sonnenberg, College Success


I love what I can do with CounselMore!

This year I want to counsel more families and grow my business without losing my personal touch. I needed a system that takes over some of the routine tasks involved in the college process. I love what I can do with CounselMore!

CounselMore automates many of the common tasks, allows me to group message, and tailor our communication. This saves time. And I love the college search tool. What an amazing way to get a good starter list and has tons of data points to consider. Tailoring the list to the student is finally easy for me!

- Lee Norwood, Annapolis College Consulting

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