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College List Builder

The stand-alone college search and list building tool compliments any college counseling practice.

Just the right size for programs specifically focused on college shopping and selection.

The perfect list building machine for support services and college admissions activists.

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College information

  • A curated college information resource, including unique attributes used by college advisors.

  • Continue the curation of information by adding and saving your own unique data collection, just for you.

  • Continually minimize the time it takes to build college lists because you capitalize on your research year over year.

College list builder

3-Phase list building

  1. Use the Counselor List to collect schools and evaluate schools with side-by-side comparisons of the must- have attributes.

  2. Promote choices to the Student List, where the student/parent and counselor collaborate on research.

  3. Approve and promote schools to the App Tracker, where each application requirement for each school is methodically tracked. Nothing falls through the cracks, your mind is at ease throughout the process.

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Syncro search

Allows one school to be added to multiple students lists at one time. This feature is available in College List Builder and all other plans too!

Find the right size plan

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When your needs outgrow your tools, level up to the Single Counselor student management plan!

Never miss a deadline or a draft. We've designed routines and automations that mirror the best practices of college counseling with plenty of flexibility for your signature services.

How much time you spend with students matters. Track time effortlessly and get perspective on your proficiency. Outcomes and assessments aren't just about students.

College Search & List Builder is included in all plans. Our incredible support team is included as well.

Single Counselor plan

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