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College Search and List Builder

  • Client-ready College Lists in minutes.

  • 3-Phase list building including private Counselor's List.

  • Don't guess. Use a CounselMore Starter List by topic.

  • Summer Program & Gap Year search.

  • Coming soon, boarding/day schools, therapeutic programs.

  • Trim lists quickly with side-by-side comparison.

  • Rate and rank campus fit (white-labeling).

  • Own and organize your own database in concert with shared information.

  • Capitalize on your research, shorten your list building year-over-year.

  • Custom columns, save links, search filters, lists, college tour notes.

  • Reverse list building for your most popular schools.

  • Can't visit the campus? 1 click away virtual tours and impressions.

  • Get to know new schools by reading Counselor Opinions column.

  • The only college search tool curated by us, cultivated by you & us.

  • Virtual Tours and links to Covid Policies included.

Nothing in college counseling is done alone.

Don't let collaboration stop at your software.

Application Tracker

  • Track dynamic applications and requirements, with and without the student's engagement.

  • Customize the App Tracker per your style and experience.

  • Niche counselors, Art, Music, Sports, customize the App Tracker specific to additional niche admission criteria.

  • Shape your college candidate with quantitative and qualitative admissions probability.

  • EA1, EA2, ED1, ED2, RD, demonstrated interest, LOR, Test policy...

  • 2 click download, prepared essay prompt docs.

  • Receive an alert when an App Tracker task is completed.

  • The sharpest professional edge is information.

The only college information source curated by hundreds of higher education professionals.

Student / Parent Portals

  • Counselor and Student look-a-like portals.

  • You and your student learn only one interface navigation.

  • You are not your student's tech support, we are.

  • Customize an information resource menu for your student portal, include any 3rd party tools.

  • Punch up your presentation with included, value-adds with Quatromoney college financial planning tools and pdfs.

  • Offer students one click, virtual tours and campus impressions

  • Increased student engagement and task completion time.

  • Student research notes, per college chat, college links.

  • College Summaries with eye-candy charts.

  • Everything through the portal or download any list to a simple grid.

  • All CounselMore plans include the proprietary college search and list building tools.



Not Tech Savvy?

Part of our Counsel With Confidence mission is to support and educate you, our colleagues.

Meet our not-judgy tech mentors and surprise yourself with how tech savvy you've become!

Long time counselor or learning the ropes?

Reinventing your career or revitalizing an educational program, CounselMore is specifically designed to support your success. It's literally woven into the software.

College readiness comes in all shapes and sizing, CounselMore tailors to your most comfortable fit.

When your needs outgrow your tools, move on.

The Single Counselor step plans are ready for your inevitable climb to success.

Never miss a deadline or draft. We've designed routines and automations to fit College Counseling Best Practices, with plenty of flexibility for your signature services.

How much time we have with our students matters. Look back time analysis gives counselors a perspective on time and process efficiency. Outcomes and assessments aren't just about students.


Accounting for time or accounting for billing, are both a nuisance unless tracking is CounselMore's easy start-the-clock one-click, that knows when you've stopped. One more click and auto post your time.

Review archived communications, in one place; emails, text and chat. Sync in-app chat to your phone!

Total Google drive integration means the days of copying, pasting, receiving, sending attachments, fishing through Google drive folders, you know the drill.


CounselMore offers a window directly into each student's shared folder, two click export college lists, prepared essay docs auto-drop directly into shared folders. The power of Google productivity is simplified for you through the clarity of the CounselMore interface.

College Search & List Builder is included in all plans. Our incredible support team is included as well.

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