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Efficient, Affordable and Easy to use!

It's efficient, affordable and easy to use! When I was researching different platforms it stood out because it was going to be a tool for me and families and most importantly, my students! My customers enjoy the no fuss interface and that everything they need is in one place. Preparation, school finding and even app tracking - all in one! That's why I CounselMore!!

- Gerene Keesler, Admissions Untangled

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It was liberating

  • "I always figured the true nature of IEC was chaos. I thought it was a necessary evil I had to accept. That was a myth. I kept 2 products for longer than I needed, scared to let go. I was willing to fly by the seat of my pants for almost 10 years but when I had a true solution, I still believed in the myth. In the end I just stopped using the other platform when I pulled the plug. It was liberating.

- Kelley Brewer, WeHa College Advisors

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CounselMore has cut my college research time in half

"CounselMore has cut my college research time in half. Thank you so much for your advice on growing my business. This has been a great year!"

- Big Bert, Educational Therapist, Learning Pathways

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I think that CounselMore is great

"I think that CounselMore is great. You can put in a school and depending on what you choose to show - it will come up. You can add many schools with different criteria and then download into an Excel spreadsheet."

- Mira Simon, Coach Mira

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I recommend CounselMore

"I recommend CounselMore. Download lists with all the info AND the cool thing is you can incorporate all the google docs and sheets you've already created, you don't have to start all over. I'm not a college advisor and I don't need to be one but I need good information."

- Ellie Carson, Tutor


Very nice!

"I was thrilled not having to reinvent each communication for topics I walk through with every student. Very nice!"

- Terri Muri, Hillsdale High School

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I’m a happy customer!

"I’m a happy customer!

I signed on with CounselMore after years of creating my own systems and deciding I needed help scaling up for more clients. I compared IEC software and took the leap with CounselMore.

Since then I have been absolutely wowed by the training, customer support, and ease of learning the software. Since then, I, along with other users, have been suggesting and voting on enhancements to the software. CounselMore has greatly exceeded my expectations!"

- Katherine Johnson

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I love how easy it is

"I’ve been using CounselMore for more than a year. I love how easy it is to create a college list or a summer program list. I also love the accounting and time tracking features. I feel like I’m getting paid for more of the time I’m devoting to student work than I was previously.

Customer support is also lightning fast. I’ve found their deadline dates to be much more accurate than other college planning software I’ve used."

- Lessa Scherrer, College Your Way

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On the cutting edge of technology and innovation

"CounselMore is on the cutting edge of technology and innovation; a necessity as we interact with our clients. This software has considered every aspect needed for an IEC.

The College Planner software I had been using was antiquated and had not really been updated in the 10 years I had used it."

- Stacy La Duke, La Duke College Counseling

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Easy to use

"So full of features and easy to use. Customer service has been phenomenal. I love it.

What’s even more important is that my students and their parents love it."

- Lee Bierer, Bierer Consulting & Publishing

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CounselMore has truly made a difference

"CounselMore has truly made a difference in streamlining my business.

It has the well-conceived features that make application guidance more manageable while offering ongoing training and support that is truly responsive!"

- Jodi Sears, The Academic Match


robust and so useful when developing a college list.

This one-of-a-kind platform that is filled with features and that will adapt to your needs. The college search tool and information on colleges is robust and so useful when developing a college list.

I love the ease of use of the system and its capability to save custom lists of colleges by category.

-Claudine Vainrub


CounselMore saved the day!

I rely on CounselMore's college search capabilities to build lists for my students. The filters are fantastic - I can narrow by GPA, location, major, tuition and even Greek life - whatever criteria matters for my students.

Although I had worked in admissions before launching my business, I was less familiar with list building, and CounselMore saved the day!"

-Kate Sonnenberg


I love what I can do with CounselMore!

This year I want to counsel more families and grow my business without losing my personal touch. I needed a system that takes over some of the routine tasks involved in the college process. I love what I can do with CounselMore!

CounselMore automates many of the common tasks, allows me to group message, and tailor our communication. This saves time. And I love the college search tool. What an amazing way to get a good starter list and has tons of data points to consider. Tailoring the list to the student is finally easy for me!

- Lee Norwood, Annapolis College Consulting

"CounselMore allows me to create a very unique experience for each and every student..."

- Jennifer Almoney, Almoney Educational Consulting