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Parent and Student Portal

"We wanted to be hands-off. The Parent Portal allowed us to take a peek but not be invasive."        Norma, parent, Santa Rosa, CA

Parents can raise their expectations on college planning

  • Timeline
  • Proposed College Lists
  • College list collaborations
  • App Tracker
  • Progress Summaries
  • Financial planning
  • Student & Parent portals
  • Real-time communications
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There's no right time to begin the college planning process.

Parents are better informed with CounselMore's proven process that adapts to any student's timeline.

Proposed College List

Parents engage with college research and college list collaboration. CounselMore college search is a proprietary college information database for professional college counselors. Beyond lists of college information, there are probability and college candidate shaping tools. This enhances admissions strategy planning. Today's college counseling requires modern tools. The CounselMore College Counselor is a sign of the times.

CounselMore Software

Emailed Progress Summaries

Parents receive assignments & progress summaries directly to their inbox on regular intervals. Allowing the parent to step back, let the student lead and the counselor guide. CounselMore is a tool that thinks about the parent and the student. A modern tool for your modern student and you.

CounselMore Software

Application Tracker

The CounselMore App Tracker moves each student through the busy application process methodically.

Nothing falls through the cracks, parents can see progress and counselors can focus on the intangibles that creates a solid college application.

CounselMore Software

Financial Fit planner powered by Quatromoney

Manage college costs and the funding gap in minutes. Compare college financial aid packages side-by-side. Determine the best way to pay using federal student loans, private student loans & parent loans comparisons. Click here to see a video on college financial tools and professional development included in your CounselMore Student/Parent Portal.

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CounselMore Software
Financial Fit tab in CounselMore
Financial Fit tab CounselMore software

Student Portal introduction video

Financial Fit tab introduction video