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Single Counselor

On a strong foundation, you can build anything.

Get a handle on your process

  • Google Drive integration means all your files are organized. No more email attachments or copy and paste.

  • Our Tech Mentors will guide you at the elbow through your many customization choices.

  • You will counsel more and software less because of the intentional design.

  • The 'application season noise' will quiet down while parents feel well informed.

  • Reporting tools give you a perspective you can use to drive organizational choices.

  • Communication paths keep calendars synced.

  • Document your time with 2 clicks.

  • Solving problems for our colleagues is job #1.

"This is way easier than Naviance!"

-Sherry Weber, actual high school student

Student / Parent Portals

  • Give them a Portal they will love to use.

  • You families find Portals with no learning curve.

  • Student/Parent tech support is not the counselor's job.

  • 'What are my chances' shows students how they measure up.

  • Watch as your students fill in campus research notes.

  • College Summaries with eye-candy charts.

  • Parents are thrilled to indicate their approval of a college.

Business Consultation

Next Steps

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Application Tracker

  • Make essay drafting easier, 1 click, essay prompt to Google doc.

  • Deadline ED/EA strategy is easier to negotiate when the options are there to compare.

  • Application season can feel like spinning your wheels. Make traction. Point to the details and move forward.

  • Admissions outcomes and awards recorded.

  • Notifications, due dates and portal tracking encircles the issue of procrastination.

College Search and List Builder

  • Included in every plan, proprietary college information resource.

  • College lists by topic for your list writer's-block.

  • Summer Program & Gap Year search.

  • Export a list as frequently as a student changes their major.

  • Review subjective admissions probability.


Single Counselor Plans

Single Counselor     Basic


Make no mistake, get everything you need, in one place, on day-one. Beyond lists, level up to meet the energy required of list building plus the dynamics of parent collaboration. Single Counselor Basic is a stepping stone for a new practice or smaller programs.

Single Counselor     Plus

Business Meeting

All-in-one to get the job done! Looking for a fresh start or the innovation necessary to run a complicated college planning process with ease. The Single Counselor Plus plans turn the repetitive into organized routine. Lean on the scaffolding necessary to organize the delivery of services and the policies related to working relationships. Bring your Partner + and split your cost but invoice your own students.

Nonprofit organizations receive additional support


Reporting Analytics

College Search


College Data

Need a Team Counseling Solution?

Work collaboratively or independently, under one company with Multi Counselor.

Assign students to counselors and reassign when needed.


Keep invoicing separate and confidential or each counselor bills their own. Teamwork requires flexibility, that includes your software.

Never miss a deadline or draft. We've scaffolded the core College Counseling Process into routines and automations with plenty of space for your signature service.

Consistently send congruent communications and branding.

No more copying and pasting files and folders. Google Drive Integration sends all (or just some) of your materials directly to your student on the platform they used most, Google.



Not Tech Savvy? No worries, we're here.

Part of our Counsel With Confidence mission is to support and educate you, our colleagues.

Meet our not-judgy tech mentors and surprise yourself with how tech savvy you've become!

Long time counselor or learning the ropes?

Reinventing your career or revitalizing an educational program, CounselMore is specifically designed to support your success. It's literally woven into the software.

College readiness comes in all shapes and sizing, CounselMore tailors to your most comfortable fit.