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Onboard new counselors into your existing methodology

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Export client ready products

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Move students between counselors or work in tandem

Management's ownership over process

It's your name on the door, you built this company and you want the same quality of services to be delivered to each client while also allowing your counselors to counsel. Managers have complete control over Assignment groups and counselor time management. It's time to manage more than students, effortlessly.

Counselor collaboration across students allows for greater service capabilities

Student services can be conducted by one or many counselors. Reassign students as they move through service responsibility counselors or add notes to students assigned to other counselors. Student success takes a village.

Automate parent and student communications individually or schedule broadcast messages

Parents' confidence in their hired college advisor increases with the type and frequency of communications. Keep students on track and parents in the loop with automated Assignment summaries. Include links and other vital calls to action.

Access extensive traditional college data and cultivate your own proprietary data

Capitalize on your company research and applications results. Compare past student qualities against current admissions plans. Maintain detailed information important to your niche program, accessible to only your team. Deliver the college lists you've always wanted to deliver!

March Consulting

Listen to one Multi Counselor practice owner describe how her company evaluated software and decided CounselMore was right for their needs.

Our Team for your Team

We understand that your company has many moving parts. Experience our stress free software integration process.

1. Meet with one of our counselor mentors to discuss your process needs.

2. Decide your timeline and choose your integrations.

3. Begin your implementation. Our team trains your whole team.


Multi Counselor Plan

Manage employees or independent contractors or both, easily. And students! The complete student/staff management platform is for independents working collectively, groups of colleague-collaborations, business managers, program directors, student referral hubs, therapeutic consortiums, niche-specific collectives, boutique services within private institutions, anywhere collaboration leads to student success, CounselMore makes management easy.

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  • A dedicated Implementation Coordinator.

  • Free Team Training

  • Direct and ongoing support for you, your team and your students.

  • Account customizations that reflect your program’s specific process.

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Multi Counselor comes with all the tools & automations your counselors need to facilitate the entire college readiness process for everyone. This encompasses everything from College Search & List Building, our beautiful College Summary Reports, assignments & files, along with not only a complete student management platform, but also the only true counselor management platform that gives you complete visibility over your entire business - Allowing you to take control.


Staying Single?

The Single Counselor step plans are the best choice for more moderate student counts.

How much time we have with our students matters. Look back time analysis gives counselors a perspective on time and process efficiency. Outcomes and assessments aren't just about students.

Accounting for time or accounting for billing, are both a nuisance unless tracking is CounselMore's easy start-the-clock one-click, that knows when you've stopped. One more click and auto post your time.

Review archived communications, in one place; emails, text and chat. Sync in-app chat to your phone!

Total Google drive integration means the days of copying, pasting, receiving, sending attachments, fishing through Google drive folders, you know the drill.

College Search & List Builder is included in all plans. Our incredible support team is included as well.

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