Multi Counselor

The features you need to manage and support your students and your counselors.

A full suite of tools: College Search, list export, company Google Drive integration, Manager's full control over service processes, each Counselor's accounting as an independent contractor or employee and scheduling integration.


Assign students to counselors, re-assign,

move students through

office specialists with ease.

Through hundreds of interviews we identified the pain points of enterprising entrepreneurs, mutli-counselor non-profits, institutional guidance offices and partnership organizations.

As education veterans ourselves, we answered to those pain points, continue to seek collaboration with our membership and deliver quality customer service to you, your counselors and your students.

We built a tool for the unique industry of educational consultants, counselors, and advisors. We pride ourselves on not being a company but building a community in good company with our colleagues, that's you!  


Deliver quality, consistent, equitable services across all of your clients. Unite your workforce around organizational routines or allow employees to practice independently under your company umbrella.

Student Portal

Producing 60% student engagement per counselor is impressive, especially in March.   Drive efficiency, by closing the loop from counselor’s instruction to student assignment completion. 

Schedule, remind, plan, college search, list build, application requirements tracker, communicate via text/email, full customization of each student’s experience. And since the Student Portal and Counselor’s portal mimic each other, learn one software interface, not two.

 A complete educational services management tool for

your company   •   your employees  •  your students


Increase your brand awareness or hide branding to eliminate brand confusion, when independent contractors work under your company marque. 

Multi-Counselor plans have access to all CounselMore peripheral services.