Hundreds of students
A team of counselors
One solution

Multi Counselor

Every tool you need in one complete platform.

Exhaustive college
search options

Automate parent communications

Counselor collaboration across students

Management's ownership over process

March Consulting

Listen to one Multi Counselor practice owner describe how her company chose software that was right for their needs.

Achieve a state of flow

  • Admin enters student into records, shares folders, posts assignments and assigns a counselor.

  • The counselor performs a service routine, as authored by the Admin and uses materials made available by the admin.

  • Flat organizational groups will appreciate the option to have all counselors able to access all students.

  • Teams can work collaboratively or independently.

  • With complete Google Drive integration, email attachments, copy and paste, are a thing of the past.

  • Our Multi Counselor implementation guide rolls out a smooth road for your team's migration.

  • Tech Mentors will guide you at the elbow, through your many customization choices.

  • The modern design empowers you to counsel more and software less.

  • The usual application season noise will quiet down when parents feel well informed about the progress.

  • Reporting tools give you a perspective you can use to drive organizational choices.

  • Communication paths keep calendars synced.

  • Document your time with 2 clicks.

  • Solving problems for our colleagues is job #1.

College Search and List Builder

  • Included in every plan, proprietary college information resource.

  • By topic college lists for your list writer's-block.

  • Summer Program & Gap Year search.

  • As frequently as a student changes his major, export a list.

  • Review subjective admissions probability.​​

Track the unique requirements of each application.

  • Make essay drafting easier, 1-click essay prompt to Google doc.

  • Deadline ED/EA strategy is easier to negotiate when the options are there to compare.

  • Application season can feel like spinning your wheels or making traction. Track the details and move forward.

  • Admissions outcomes and awards recorded.

  • Notifications, due dates, portal tracking, encircle the issue of procrastination.


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Student / Parent Portals

  • Your student doesn't tutorial themselves through another software because the Counselor and student portals look and feel the same.

  • Student/Parent tech support is not the counselor's job.

  • Give them a Portal they will love to use.

  • 'What are my chances' shows students how they measure up.

  • Watch as your students fill in campus research notes.

  • College Summaries with eye-candy charts.

  • Parents are thrilled to indicate their approval of a college.


Multi Counselor Plan

Outdoors Meeting

Manage employees or independent contractors or both, easily. And students! The complete student/staff management platform is for independents working collectively, groups of colleague-collaborations, business managers, program directors, student referral hubs, therapeutic consortiums, niche-specific collectives, boutique services within private institutions, anywhere collaboration leads to student success. 

Nonprofit organizations receive additional support

College Search


Reporting Analytics

College Data


Staying Single?

The Single Counselor step plans are the best choice for more moderate student counts.

How much time we have with our students matters. Look back time analysis gives counselors a perspective on time and process efficiency. Outcomes and assessments aren't just about students.


Accounting for time or accounting for billing, are both a nuisance unless tracking is CounselMore's easy start-the-clock one-click, that knows when you've stopped. One more click and auto post your time.

Review archived communications, in one place; emails, text and chat. Sync in-app chat to your phone!

Total Google drive integration means the days of copying, pasting, receiving, sending attachments, fishing through Google drive folders, you know the drill.

College Search & List Builder is included in all plans. Our incredible support team is included as well.