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CollegeList Pro


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$29 / mo

paid annually

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Unlimited Students

Unlimited Everything

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Unlimited Students

Unlimited Everything

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What does unlimited mean?

One hundred percent, fully and completely, totally and utterly without limit. That's what unlimited means to CounselMore. We know—that's unheard of. But it's true.


With your subscription, you get unlimited student records, searches, texts, emails, broadcasts...unlimited.


Grow your business without penalty!

Can I use my own data?

Yes. CounselMore is specifically yours and a collaboration.
You can submit data to any cell and it will update immediately within your lists.

Our Starter Lists have all been submitted by CounselMore members to help other IECs jumpstart their own fit searches. 

Will CounselMore Save Me Money?

Yes! But more to the point, you will have more time to make more money.
We want you to Counsel More clients, spend less time and money on your software, and Counsel with Confidence!

Billing solutions?

A tool built by IECs for IECs means that when you talk about "chasing down payments" or "tracking time," we know exactly what you mean. ProSuite automates every aspect of your billing process. Click the in-app timer before you begin a task and CounselMore will, with one click, record your time spent. You can track your pro bono time as well as total time, and easily evaluate your service-to-fee ratio.

I See ProSuite Includes CollegeList Pro—Is there a Student Portal Too?

Yes. There is a  an even more robust Student Portal for ProSuite.

How Can CounselMore Help Me Remember to Remind My Students?

We know exactly how it feels when that tiny panic sets in. ("Did I forget to tell that student...") We studied procrastination and found that most people are either Task driven or Date driven. We offer both Task and Calendar views in our products. You can assign Tasks to students or to yourself. You then receive summaries on a weekly basis. So feel free to completely forget what assignments are due and by who, or what you promised to take care of.

Where Does Your Data Come From?

The data used in CounselMore products is sourced from several places.

We purchase data from several leading data houses that specialize in college data. We also source from a few free agencies.

Some data is hand harvested. Some is obtained directly from individual schools.

And we make it easy for our community to submit data and update the Counselor database instantly.

When there is breaking industry news to share, we send every CounselMore member a News Headline message. We believe in letting our community know what we know so they can keep moving.