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Everyone building balanced college lists.

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Single Counselor Basic

$55 month

Independent college planners management solution.

Unlimited records storage

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Single Counselor Plus

$85 month


Independent college planners with an edge on admissions.

Unlimited records storage

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Multi Counselor and Enterprise

Tailor your costs for partnerships, multiple counselors, community orgs, institutions or unique practices.

Educational consultants' total management solution for mangers, staff, students, parents and counselors.

Unlimited records storage - no per student fees

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Multi Counselor cost details:

  • Start your account. We will use the first 30 days of your membership to create and implement an easy software transition timeline that clearly reflects your company's priorities.
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Pay monthly, 1 year commitment
  • Your price point is as unique as you!
  • Tailored costs means discounts that specifically support your unique needs. Discounts available: national education association members, non-profits, grant recipients, partnership practices, mission driven private/public programs and more. Our team for your team!
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"This is way easier than Naviance!"

Everything has a portal attached to it. I've used several in my four years at high school. By far, CounselMore is the easiest and most straight forward to use. -Sherry Weber, actual high school graduate


Single Counselor Plans explained:

We have plans for Single Counselors, for those who work on their own.

The Single Counselor plan has 2 levels:

Basic - With this plan you have access to everything but not advanced Google connections, only basic connections and no automation features. Perfect size for new and emerging solo-entrepreneurs. $55 mo

Plus - With this plan you have access to all of the advanced Google connections and additional automation capabilities for sending invoices, progress summaries and communications. Also includes Financial Fit tools, advanced reporting, email read receipts, Student Portal College Search, Text Forwarding to/from your phone and more. This plan is the right size $85 mo

We have Multi Counselor plans, for partners and groups and those who need a manager's account, admissions results analytics and additional user-seats with all Google Drive advanced features and automation. The Multi Counselor plan comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Our team transitions your team so smoothly, we can say that.

Everything is UNLIMITED student record count. We want you to counsel as many students as possible! And the CounselMore College List Builder is included in every plan.

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Staying Single?

The Single Counselor step plans are the best choice while growing your college counseling program.

How much time we have with our students matters. Look-back time analysis gives college planners a perspective on time and process efficiency. Outcomes and assessments aren't just about students.

Accounting for time or accounting for billing, both are a nuisance unless tracking is CounselMore's easy start-the-clock one-click. One more click and auto log your time.

Review archived communications, in one place; emails, text and chat. Sync in-app chat to your phone!

Total Google drive integration means an end to the days of copying, pasting, receiving, sending attachments, fishing through Google drive folders, you know the drill.

College Search & List Builder is included in all plans. Our incredible support team is included as well.

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