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"College lists gave us the comparisons.

The College Summary Report brought the information to life."

Sameer, parent, Cost Mesa, CA

Don't just tell families the story, show them.

  • Overview
  • Top Majors
  • Academic System
  • Nearest Airport
  • Admissions Rate
  • Pride Index
  • Enrollment Stats
  • Test Scores & GPA
  • Candidate Qualities Weightage
  • Early, Regular Deadlines
  • In-state, out-of-state sticker price
  • Cost by Household Income
  • Undergraduate Demographics
  • Candidate Assessment

Company Financial Reporting

Even college advising companies need to know the bottom line. Get real-time details on accounts payable and outstanding balances owed.


Time Tracking

Departments and programs need time management tools. Turn off billable accounting options and turn on time tracker only. Know chargeable time, pro bono time and total time per counselor, per student.


Student Assignment Status Reporting

No more blind side for student progress. College planning is clear and concise with a high level view on assignments completed, overdue or in progress. Receive notifications on completed assignments.

Application results that change how you will advise candidates

The result of each application is compiled to deliver a comprehensive retrospective and a powerful future. Be better equipped to serve new students by capitalizing on the knowledge of what really worked. Trusting your instinct is not enough in today's college planning. Especially, when you have the numbers. Stop guessing and start making better choices. When you know what works, it shows!

  • App Status vs Outcome
  • Deadline Choice vs Outcome
  • Accepted vs Deferred
  • Denied vs Waitlisted
  • Financing vs Awarded
  • Campus Major vs App Major

Application Tracker & app season progress reporting

One click export of the student's App Tracker means less typing for counselors in the heat of the application season while parents can see progress details delivered to their inbox or work collaboratively via the parent portal.

CounselMore Software

Financial Fit projections and offer letter comparison tools lead to the best financing offer.

Begin college conversations with cost breakdowns that make sense to everyone. Teach students how to college shop with cost in mind. Simple questions distill the noise of affordability into realistic ideas on cost. As numbers change so does the value of the degree. When offers arrive, the exported pdf delivers payback breakdowns and the best offer is clear.

Financial Fit tab CounselMore 2.png
CounselMore Software
Financial Fit tab in CounselMore
Financial Fit tab CounselMore software

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