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Preparing educational consultants for the business side of consulting.

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Who should attend this business development academy?

Anyone who is :

  • Considering your next career chapter in private education planning.
  • Working full time and advising part time, thinking about going independent.
  • Already taking on too many clients and eager to streamline your day-to-day practice.
  • Mid-career and interested in gathering new ideas from experienced colleagues.




Plot and expedite your own professional roadmap with the vantage point and experience of proven mentors.

Pragmatic worksheets of key takeaways constructed to provoke your learning to move from theory to practice (requests for faculty feedback is encouraged.)

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Meet experts who are practicing industry leaders. They have come to share and demonstrate a spectrum of essential knowledge on critical issues facing modern consulting practices.

Mentor collaboration, 24+ hours of instruction, PDF resources.



'Bite-size' virtual presentations by field experts.

Live virtual and recorded availability.

Reflective of admissions advising certificate programs. Casual and structured group conversations. Thoughtful and contemplative learning, and space where good ideas can continue to grow.


To provoke concrete decision making that results in service format changes, reduced friction, and increased business satisfaction.


Learn concrete service models that

  • Deliver excellent services.

  • Meet your costs and your customers' budgets.

  • Provide effortless client communications.

  • Put your independence first.

Answer questions, make decisions, move your operations forward. Understand expeditious business development planning tools. Structure and streamline your educational entrepreneurship venture.

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Alan Katzman

Featured in featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, ABC News, NPR, USA Today, Forbes, Business Insider, and Social Media Today.

Alan is a pioneer in developing and advancing techniques to teach students how to use social media. He helps teens build a compelling and reflective digital presence as a game-changing tool for creating academic and career success.

Founder of Social Assurity, a licensed social media courseware to understand the power and pitfalls of social media.

Alan served as executive legal counsel for several start-up and Fortune 500 technology companies, where he managed the law, compliance, and administrative functions. Alan received his BA from the University at Albany and his JD from Albany Law School.

- Social Assurity

Stievater Final Headshot.jpg

Katherine Stievater

Katherine Stievater founded Gap Year Solutions to help students successfully transition to college with a customized plan that builds life skills through Real World Learning.

Based in the Boston, MA area, she is an Accredited Gap Year Counselor and is a Professional member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association. Katherine speaks and publishes regularly about the growing Gap Year movement.

-Gap Year Solutions


Shane Windmeyer

Shane holds a Masters of Higher Education Student Affairs. As a a best-selling author, LGBTQ campus pioneer and civil rights champion, Shane is also founder and executive director of Campus Pride, the leading national LGBTQ organization for student leaders and campus organizations working to build future leaders and create safer campus communities.

Creator of the Campus Pride Index (, the premier national LGBTQ benchmarking tool for colleges and universities. Author of The Advocate College Guide for LGBT Students, the first-ever college guide profiling the “100 Best LGBT-Friendly Campuses.” They are also the editor of Brotherhood: Gay Life in College Fraternities and co-editor of the books Inspiration for LGBT Students & Allies, Out on Fraternity Row: Personal Accounts of Being Gay in a College Fraternity and Secret Sisters: Stories of Being Lesbian & Bisexual in a College Sorority.

-Campus Pride

Kim Green Short story marketing.png

Kim Green

Turn competitors into partners: Kim Green and Bill Sholar were competitors but found a unique collection of skills when they came together. In 2011, they began their focus on websites and marketing materials for independent educational consultants. No other marketing company understand what you do - like they do!

Kim graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas, went to work in the printing industry, and won that industry's Best of Class award. She left the printing business to run her own graphics design business before teaming up with Bill. She and her husband of 20+ years are now empty nesters, living their best life at the beach in Oregon.

- Educational Consultant Platform Marketing


Dr. Eric Endlich

Dr. Endlich had a successful and thriving psychology practice before his true calling as a leader in learning accommodations materialized. As a Professional Member of IECA, he serves on their Learning Differences/Neurodiversity Committee and Diversity/Equity/Inclusion Committee. In 2020, IECA honored his contributions with the “Making A Difference” Award. Learn more about this honor here.

Dr. Endlich is also a licensed psychologist, professional writer and former college instructor.

- Top College Consultants

Bill Sholar Short Story Marketing.png

Bill Sholar

Bill holds a degree from Carnegie Mellon University and was a marketing & sales manager for Steve Jobs' NeXT computer company, and managed an IT team at a major oil company in the Middle East.

Know your own skill set and find a partner who compliments those skills and build a company. Kim Green and Bill Sholar were competitors but found a unique collection of skills when they came together. In 2011, they began their focus on websites and marketing materials for independent educational consultants. No other marketing company understand what you do - like they do!

- Short Story Marketing


Lee Norwood

Lee holds a BS in Business Administration and Management from Elon

As serial entrepreneur, she is enthusiastic to share success with her colleagues. She scaled her educational consulting business and company reputation to winning Annapolis Best College Counselor.

-Annapolis College Consulting


Patrick Hennes

Having grown up in a house in which both parents were high school principals and having been a teacher himself, tests don't scare Patrick!

With a passion for how learning happens, he's constructed test preparation for years. Most recently with AJ Tutoring in California an in person and virtual educational service provider. As SAT and ACT have changed, Patrick has kept a keen eye on how students need to adapt and what advisors can do to support and motivate the desire to test.

- AJ Tutoring


Kat Clowes

Kat holds an MBA from Mount Saint Mary's

Founder of March Consulting, Kat's multi counselor practice equips students with the right questions to ask in planning their future.

-March Consulting

Krumwiede BSW Headshots Thurs-181_JPG.jpg

Colleen MacDonald Krumwiede

Colleen holds a degree from Claremont McKenna and is a paying for college expert with over two decades of experience in university tuition financing. She is the Co-Founder of Quatromoney, a college finance planning fintech.

Through Quatromoney she is helping counselors increase revenue opportunities, provide more marketing touchpoints, and augment community engagement.



Marge Cortes

  • As a Professional Engineer for two decades, Marge would often serve as a mentor to her younger colleagues and conduct engineering outreach to local high school students. She developed her consulting practice to focus on helping students demystify and explore engineering options.

    Marge holds degrees from McGill University and MIT, and served as an MIT alumni interviewer for six years. She is currently a HECA Regional Coordinator for Silicon Valley, and serves on scholarship committees for EngineerGirl and the Society of Women Engineers.

-Engineering Next


Margaret Rothe

Margaret holds an MA in Higher Education Student Affairs from UConn.

Founder of CounselMore, Co-Founder of her multi counselor practice All College Pros and sole proprietor of Higher Grounding College Counseling.


Pam Shor

Pam holds a degree from Kenyon College, University of California, Irvine, Educational Consulting Certificate, founder of College Advisory Service. She developed educational, multimedia software for Microsoft, produced programming for an NBC affiliate, and worked with gifted students through the School of Education at the University of Virginia.

Her experience in education, creative development, and project management has built a counseling model that is focused, clear, and milestone-driven. Her joy of helping students discover their stories has persisted since 1996.

-College Advisory Service


Dr. Thomas Lucking

Dr. Lucking is founder and director of Silicon Valley Therapy. Silicon Valley Therapy provides psychotherapy, coaching, and consulting services to clients in the Bay Area and beyond. Dr. Lucking has created multiple therapeutic and coaching modalities including 167 Therapy, RMT (Relationship-based, Metric-driven Therapy), ISM (Island of Shared Meaning healthy communication), and waVe (With A Vision We All Excel). Dr. Lucking believes the change process is multi-faceted. He empowers individuals, couples, families, and teams with education, experiences, neurofeedback, and practical tools. This empowerment drives coherent communication, prosocial behavior, habit change, deep insights, reconciliation of past wounds, and relationships that thrive.

-Silicon Valley Therapy


Louise Trudeau

Louise holds an MBA from Northwestern and certifications from Harvard University and University of California Berkeley

Louise specializing in the essays and activities writing process for admission to undergraduate and graduate studies, coaching students how to tell their stories truthfully and dynamically. Her approach to students and parents creates a space where students can write freely and authentically. By focusing on empowering students to build a strategic presentation and writing skills to carry through college and beyond.

-True Essays


Keerthana Sankar

Keerthana earned her MS in Information Systems from Santa Clara University. As Chief Data Officer and Co-Founder at CounselMore she captures the sea of college data.

She is also the architect of the college search tool within CounselMore.



Aldo Barrientos

Aldo has a BS in Computer Science and Applied Math from San Jose State University in the heart of Silicon Valley, California.

Technology moves fast and even faster in start ups, where Aldo's problem solving skills feel most at-home. Specializing in human computer interaction, he uses behavioral science, analytics, anecdotes, process dismantlement, and careful listening to build seamless technology solutions.


Amanda Hirko.jpg

Amanda Hirko

Amanda holds a degree in English and Education from Indiana University, MA in English and Education, from University of Michigan, is a Certified Educational Planner, with a Certificate in College Counseling, University of California, San Diego

As a former high school English teacher and mother of two, Amanda leverages her positive relationships with teens and their families into successful college admission experiences. It is her personal authenticity that encourages her peers and students to grow from a place of strength and sense of self.

-Hirko Consulting


Susan Knoppow

Susan is a former executive speechwriter and copywriter, Susan is also a published poet and essayist and holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Michigan and an MFA in Writing from Vermont College.

Now CEO of Wow Writing Workshop, which provides students and educational professionals with a simple, step-by-step process for writing effective college essays, so students can stand out and tell their stories. Learn more about Wow's free and paid services for pros here.

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Gloria Ramirez, private educational services provider

I spent my career loving my work but hating the job. Now I feel more confident than ever and I get to work directly with those who inspire me most - my students! CounselMore made my transition to small business owner exciting and easier than I ever expected.