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  • Since 2007, The Campus Pride Index has been the premier LGBTQ national benchmarking tool for college and universities to create safer, more inclusive campus communities. Now available in the CounselMore College Data Menu Finding campus fit for all is important! Having new tools to measure campus climate is critical to making informed choices. Now, your students can see side-by-side comparisons between school social climates in an area that traditional college search has previously overlooked. Not any more!
  • The Campus Pride Index sets the bar higher for LGBTQ-inclusive policies, programs and practices. Each school is rated based on specific standardized criteria: LGBTQ Policy Inclusion, Student Life, Training & Education, Safety, Support & Commitment

If you're looking for online ACT & SAT prep courses that:

  • show you how to feel empowered and confident on test day,
  • teach you a personalized approach to the ACT & SAT that guides you to testing success, and
  • help you move from sad faces to happy dances on scores back day as quickly and painlessly as possible...

Higher Scores Test Prep is the right fit.

teen life is the leading discovery platform for teen-centered academic and experiential learning opportunities. Parents, students, counselors and advisors use our free resources to find experiences that prepare students for success in college and life beyond school.

  • Manage college costs and the funding gap in minutes. Compare college financial aid packages side-by-side. Determine the best way to pay using federal student loans, private student loans & parent loans comparisons. Click here to see videos on college financial tools and professional development included in your CounselMore College planning software.

Short Story Marketing is the only marketing company known for understanding what the motivated parent is looking for in an advisor. Over 150 websites built for educational consultants, over a decade of experience marketing to parent-clients locally, nationally and abroad.

CounselMore members receive exclusive packages that include CounselMore account customization, setup, website integration, historical client migration, scheduling connections, student portal buttons, everything you need is covered for you.

wow writing workshop

We are professional writers and teachers who understand the writing process inside and out. The Wow Method has been used by students to write application essays and resumes; by business owners to create blogs, websites and other communication materials; and by English teachers to improve student writing skills. We can even help you write a great poem or short story. If it involves words, we can help! CounselMore members enjoy specific partnership benefits. Learn more

gap year association

Founded in 2012, the Gap Year Association is the only national nonprofit working to coordinate the growing Gap Year Movement. As a public benefit not-for-profit Association with members, we believe that all intentional gap years have significant and positive practical outcomes, whether independent or as part of a formal program.


Lumiere’s mission is to provide world-class research opportunities for students around the world. That mission comes from the experience we both had together. It seeks to ensure that the opportunities we were given, received due to luck as much as anything, are not hidden in Ivory towers, but shared for the world’s best students.


Stop managing multiple calendars! Customize your schedule, appointment types and reminders through Calendly. Automatically see all your booking activity in your CounselMore account.

acuity scheduling

Customize your schedule, appointment types and reminders through Acuity. Automatically see all your booking activity in your CounselMore account. Click here to see videos explaining Acuity, if you're not familiar.

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