Mentorship & Consultation

Holding the door open, that's what we call the CounselMore mentorship and consulting program. In every career, mentorship is important for growing skills and talent. To hold the door open is to welcome the next colleague and offer the benefit of your experience. It is professional generosity that guides and shapes each of us and our entire industry.



I am forever indebted to my mentor, Jane Rosser. She is a leader in Higher Education who gave me her time, leaned into our conversations, was gracious when catching my mistakes and cheered me on as I pushed myself to the next challenge.

Margaret Rothe
College Counseling Training & Business Development


I am grateful to my mentor, Emily Smith, who believed in me and empowered me to think differently, explore my strengths and identify opportunities for growth. Emily encouraged me to follow my own path to educational leadership, and I am grateful for the opportunity to help other IEC’s grow.

Betsy Pruitt
Marketing & Growth
Executive Coaching, BOLD Certified


My mentors have been the guiding light in the world of tech and data. I am grateful for the countless hours they’ve lent providing the tools, knowledge and encouragement to succeed in this space. I am excited to share how analytics can be leveraged to make better business decisions.

Keerthana Sankar
Founder and Chief Data Officer
Information Analytics & Business Growth


Over the years my mentors (too many to name) have provided me with the insight and guidance to understand people, projects, teams and technology. From Web Development to SEO to Information Architecture, I'm honored to lend my expertise to you and our IEC community. 

Todd Rothe
Founder & CTO
SEO, Web Design & Information Architecture

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Common Topics

Counsel with Confidence

  • Feel confident in what you bring to the table. Define your services.

  • Build your storefront. Differentiate your service from every other college counselor in your area.

Sell the milk, not the cow

  • How to flow through  prospective client meetings.

  • Billing, invoicing, accounting, hourly or package and setting your price.

  • Contracts, employees, taxes, Budgets and operations.


  • Find your market entrance points.

  • Communicate as an IEC. Talk the talk, walk the walk.​


  • The art of counseling teen procrastination.

  • Counseling as scaffolding with independent teens​​.

  • Therapeutic Specialties. How to know where your expertise end.

Digital and professional presence

  • Website, email design, analytics, google docs.

  • Referrals and social media. How to "waste" time.

  • Business software choices: Automation vs. Interference​.

  • Admissions and the tidal wave of information.